Thursday, 8 October 2009


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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

first Update (with attached rant)

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Its hard work all this, I spent literally hours yesterday fiddling with HTML code, CSS and suchlike, all for you the reader and indeed for an unknowing population, I could of course merely use bloggers own collection of templates and be up and running in mere minutes, however I truly believe that for the reader it is limiting. This platform has many limitations and I have wondered whether or not to simply transfer over to “wordpress” or indeed create a site wholly unconnected with blogging and host it on safe servers myself. Of course I have done that in the past, created a website and hosted it. A forum aswell I might add, however, I believe that there are so many things one can do that an individual simply has no time.

Currently I maintain and write for AAWR, with some tremendous input from the wizard, coupled with this, I maintain the Incidence Map Project, which has not incidentally had any updates recently and ideas I once had for it, I simply do not have the time to implement. In reality it needs more people, many more, to maintain both AAWR and The Incidence Map. Our situation is so dire that there is a mass of information and this information grows seemingly by the minute, what with work, personal commitments and suchlike it is extremely difficult to maintain and keep pace with events.

With regard to the Incidence Map, those currently represented are only the tip of the iceberg it has yet to include others, individuals that have to suffered for this hideous experiment, however, as fast as I can maintain the map. Correlate information and present it for the public’s perusal, new victims emerge, there is also an Incidence Map of sexual attacks against the indigenous peoples of this country, yet to continually update and keep abreast of incidences is impossible, given the number of incidences that are occurring, quite frighteningly once one goes into it all then one recognises that even the nationalist has no comprehension of scope and scale of problem.

I know that the government do, that they, with statisticians and programs, surveys and multi-agency data, have a comprehensive idea as to the problem and believe me any government with such knowledge that fails to act upon it is more than traitorous they are in themselves an enemy of the people. As I type this so many attacks of a sexual nature will have occurred against those from the indigenous population as to be beyond belief, yet they do not step in, do not save us from this mad scheme, this experiment with peoples life’s, I have to tell you that the amount of crimes committed against the indigenous peoples of this country go way back and are far-reaching and I personally can never again fall for the old chestnut of white evil.

We are if figures are correct in an undeclared war, a war engaged against whites at every level, there is and can not be any other alternative than to throw them from their ivory-towers and look to ourselves. Many will say that this is selfish, however, a mixed society aids no-one least of all non-whites, there can be no intelligent sound reasoning behind this plan, no plan other than to so intersperse the peoples as to make difference negligible in hopes of averting future conflict, yet in order to do so extreme conflict, resentment and acrimony must occur, here today, with no guarantee of such a hare-brained scheme working.

Yet I digress,I have much more coding to do and little time, it would be helpful if other nationalists and those concerned would help us, help us in posting information, correlating it and presenting it, in effect a multi-author site, all of us submitting ideas and information and presenting it to the general public, for much as we berate them for their slumber, would not we all sleep if not for an alarm, they see and hear nothing, mere rumour and speculation. So hopefully you came here for an update and here it is, AAWR has been completely redesigned, whether for the better is up to you the reader to eventually decide, currently I am endeavouring to create a better navigational system although some aspects of the original AAWR coding still remain, primarily out of fondness.

We have kept the multi-layered aspects of AAWR, preferring it over the static nature of usual blogging systems, so rather than that it will still have a multi-faceted feel, we have placed the comment field below posts, although this cannot be seen on the main page. All in all we have changed so much as to be a new site, hopefully you will like it and when it is again made public perhaps you will give us your opinion, well back to it…